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Rum Vodka Whisky

Three friends, while drinking late at night inside an SUV and discussing their favorite brand of alcohol, are caught by the police for violating the law. En route to the police station...

Local Kung Fu 2

Local Kung Fu 2 is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. In this version, Arun Mohan and Deep grew up in an orphanage in Guwahati and are a crime branch sub-inspector and a TV cameraman respectively....


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Drama , Romance

Rum Vodka Whisky

Synopsis: Rum Vodka Whisky ( Ram Vodka Whisky ) (Assamese. ৰাম ভদকা হুইস্কী) The movie traces the life changing experiences of 3 drunken friends. Set in the 1960s, the first story is about Rupam's chance encounter with Anamika which changes his life in ways he did not anticipate leaving behind some unanswerable questions about loss and grief. The next story depicts the life of a businessman, Debashish Baruah, who has abused his health by drinking to such extent that his doctor recommends him to take a vacation at a mysterious ashram in Nagoan which is famous for its stream with healing powers. The final story is a clever departure from the deep-seated nature of the previous ones. Running through a filter of quirky comedy it revolves around the life of a ...


Anya Ek Yatra

Synopsis: Anya Ek Yatra ( Anya Ek Jatra ) (Assamese. অন্য এক যাত্ৰা)  The Assamese feature film 'Anya Ek Yatra' depicts the story of a young emotional man, Vikram, who commits a crime under influence of a false sense of betrayal by the society that ultimately leads to his death.
    Vikram, eldest amongst the three children of Dr. Bidhan Saikia, works as a Bank cashier in a bank in Guwahati. Dr. Saikia, a renowned heart surgeon was arrested by the police on the charge of medical negligence after a patient of his died while he tried to replace the ailing heart of the patient with that of a pig's heart. So far Xenotransplantation is not accepted by the medical community as an approved method of treating badly damaged heart of...



Synopsis: Baibhab ( Boibhab ) ( Eng. A scam in verse) (Assamese. বৈভৱ) The story revolves around Samiran Choudhury, a 37 year old man, with a flair of writing poetry. His father Parikhit Choudhury is a wealthy retired Govt. officer. Samiran is haunted by an incident of his childhood. His younger brother died   being run over by Samiran’s bicycle. Soon after this incident his mother also died out of grief. Both the tragic incidents left a deep scar in Samiran’s young mind. He suffers from a persecution complex and stammers whenever he is under stress. His father sends him to a boarding school in a hill station to save further psychological problems.

Samiran Choudhury grows up away from home and becomes a teacher in a college in Shillong teaching English Literature. H...



Synopsis: Anuraag ( Anurag ) ( Eng. Love beyond lust ) (Assamese. অনুৰাগ) 


Concept & Script: Rajni Brahma Basumatary

Choreography: Jinny Mahalia

Background Music: Aniruddha Barua

Lyrics and Music Direction: Diganta Bharati

Singers: Zubeen Grag, Shwaswati, Diganta

Cinematography: Mrinal Kanti Das, Suman Dowerah

Producer: Anjali Daimari, Rajni Brahma Basumatary

Direction: Bidyut Chakravarty

Cast: Nipon Goswami, Tapan Das, Konki Bordoloi, Anjali Daimari, Ravi Sarma, Madhusmita Saikia, Guna Mahanta,...


Aai Kot Nai

Synopsis: Aai Kot Nai ( Ai Kot Nai ) ( Eng. Ma ) (Assamese. আই কত নাই) Human civilization is the outcome of the assimilation of multiple races, religion, customs, languages, literature and culture. This process of harmonization however, is very complex and at times explosive. The North East of India, of which Assam and Nagaland are two integral provinces, is the abode of diverse linguistic and cultural population. While Assam has accepted its absorption with India as a historic fact, the Nagas are still battling for their political freedom. In the process they have also claimed a vast tract of Assam’s territory as their own which has resulted in frequent armed conflicts between the State forces, the insurgent groups and the political opportunists. These conflicts have brought down...



Synopsis: Joymati ( Joymoti) ( Eng. the saviour ) (Assamese. জয়মতী) After its victory in the famous Saraighat battle against the Mughal invaders in the year 1670, the Ahom kingdom was extended upto the Manah river. Although the valiant lieutenant Lachit Borphukan wore the crown of victory, however, history depicts that the device and strategy instrumental in winning the war were actually planned by the king’s counsellor Aton Burhagohain. Throughout the span of fifteen years i.e. from 1662 to 1677 when the Ahom kingdom was ruled by six diffrent rulers, Aton Burhagohain managed to retain his status as the king’s counsellor. The Ahom kings viz. Chunyatfa, Chuklenfa, Chuhung, Prince Gobar, Chuzinfa and Chudaifa ascended the throne, one after the other, for brief periods. The inne...

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