Juye Poora Xoon

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Drama , Thriller


[Feature film in Assamese(Indian); colour ;  35 mm; 105 minutes; 1:1.33; 9 dec 2003]

The Philosophy:  Crisis, man made or nature driven,is always there in life. However catastrophic it might be, a man has to overcome these, with strength of his inner ‘self’.

The background: Assam, a northeastern state of india, inhabited originally by simple people, is in crisis.Uncontrolled illegal immigration over tens of years from erstwhile East Pakisthan, presently Bangladesh has almost totally changed its demography. The large scale influx is mainly politically motivated under the camouflage of economic poverty. The ethnic  population, under physical, emotional and psychological onslaught of the migrants, are being forced out from their roots.Various resultant conflicting cross currents are breaking up the concept of the assamese society and different subgroups are bending  themselves to divide & grabe the fertile land mass of the Brahmaputra vally-the land of the red river & blue hills.

On the other hand, perennial flood and erosion of mammoth magnitude have led to astronomical loss of life and property with no meaningful action for prevention at sight.people have accepted the flood ravaged life as normal. Under tremendous pressure to manage even a marginal living, the spiralling growth of discontentment of the people have led to suspicions, fragmentation and petty quarrels over small opportunities.

The numerically inferior assamese now will have to decide to live with their substance-‘self’ only.


                 The synopsis:  “JUYE POORA XOON”-It is a fictionalised version of story born out of events and experiences in assam of the second part of the secont half of the 20th century.

                Manab, 27yearz, comes home from Rajasthan, after receiving a letter that their family (Comprising of his elder brother, (koseswar);sister-in-law,(prabha);a nephew(kon)and a niece(Edhani)is facing some difficulty.On the very night of his arrivel, their house is torched by suspected land grabbers & illegal immigrants. They flee and arrive at prabha’s house,who offers them an option to build a house, who offers them an option to build a house in a riverside plot of his and stay.The male ego of Koseswar,who eloped prabha  in his youth,makes him decide in favour of the river bank plot.manab,vibrant,rational and positive minded,goes to salvage the abandoned land with the help of his mentor,Mr. jain,umder whom he had been working all these while.But destiny had it such that while manab was away on this mission, koseswar and the newly built house perish in swiralling flood. A shattered prabha,finds a job as a domestic help in one bidyadhar’s  (a widower local holiness) house.manab in, in a vortex of problems,is offered a job by Mr. jain, to work in his new factory with a professional motive to counter local elements,where Mr. jains cunning business sense foresees trouble from local youths demanding  100% jobs for the local people.Struggle of prabha & manab move parallelly.prabha with the chastity of a rural assamese  lady could rise above herself to prevent the yearing for intimacy of a sex starved bidyadhar.she redisvover that a woman has to assert strongly in many moment in life.manab, with the straightforwardness of an artist tries to bring sense to a chaotic situation born out of extreme economic poverty.but he falls victim of a wrongly perceived anger. In his crisis,the businessman in Mr. jain follows his path of own business interest.only tora,bidyadhar’s daughter,whom manab had mat in the flood relief camp,comes close to him with the sensibility of a cultured mind.manab ponders over the events and experiences and decideds that he will not be cowed down by the adversities any more and instead tread his own path-the path emanating from his ‘self’.


The cast

Manab                       Jatin bora

Prabha                      Bina patangia

Kon                             Master nishanta baruah

Edhani                       Riki thakuria

Tora                           Rupshikha

Bidhyadhar  Upakul bordoloi

Nakul             Abdul majid

Jin                               M. tibrewal

The widow               Arati baruah

The credid

Producer                  Sanjib sabhapandit

Director                    Sanjib sabhapandit

Story, script & dialogue    Sanjib sabhapandit

Banner                      Maanpee creation

Cinematographer               Mrinal kanti das

Music             Aniruddha baruah

Adiography              Jatin sarma

Editor                        A. Sreekar Prasad

Production controller                   Ranjan sarma & Ranjita Devi

Costume                   Sailen kakoty                   




Sanjib sabhapandit, born in 1957, is amachanical engineer and has a MBA degree for his academic qualification. An entrepreneur,who treads paths of his own choice, has been instrumental in establishment of industries & academic institutions in assam. An author of two books, he is the first to conceptualise and enact the first light& sound show of the North East India. The engineer in him led to the design and making of ahumane mode of goat transportation system in the city of Guwahati, Assam. The sensitivity in him took him to the cinematic world and the outcome is JUYE POORA XOON, his first feature film.

            CONTACT: Sanjib Sabhapandit, Maanpee Creation; c/o Axam Jatiya Bidyalaya Complex, Noonmati, Guwahati-781020; Assam; India; Ph-0361-2556647(R), e-mail: kuhkhal@yahoo.com



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