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Synopsis: Manab (Zubeen Garg), Nayan (Pabitra Margherita), Tapan (Gyanendra Pallab) and Akan (Nabadeep Borgohain) are four unemployed educated youths from lower-middle-class families of Tinsukia. When his father dies, Nayan leaves home to work with an uncle in a distant township. One day the trio - Manab, Tapan and Akan are rounded up by police as terror suspects. Although they are bailed out three days later, that incident left them with a terror stamp that stands in their way of getting a clean job. This led them to indulge illegal activities. They hatch a plan for easy money and accordingly kidnap a businessman. But being amateurs, they end up killing the hostage. This create a huge furore but no one suspects the three youths because of their otherwise clean record and family background. The insurgent groups, however, deny their any involvement in the incident. With the passage of time the incidents is forgotten but the repentant trio, though, cannot escape pangs of conscience. One day, Manab’s father chances upon Manab’s share of the ransom money and learns about his son’s involvement in the kidnap-death. This shocks him to such an extent that he disowns his only son and forbids him to even light his pyre. Once again their conscience is stricken. They know they can never forgive themselves. In the meantime Nayan, a well off, arrives from Guwahati and tell them not to indulge in any illegal activities. Nayan, with all his conviction and sincerity, becomes an Assam Civil Service officer and is serving as the Sub-Divisional Officer in Tinsukia.

Manab, unable to withstand the sight of his parents and sister leaves home. He travels till he reaches a monastery and devotes himself to service of the people. Tapan, being more aggressive, unwittingly gets involved with an anti-social racket and dies in a police encounter. Akan marries his girlfriend-Sewali and becomes the father of two kids. He starts a business but it goes down and he loses his mental balance.

The film thus revolves around how they go about their lives in spite of their mistakes and highlights many issues plaguing Assam like corruption, terrorism, Bangladeshis etc.

Directed by: Moirangthem Maniram

Produced by: Moirangthem Maniram, Deepankar Dutta

Written by: Moirangthem Maniram

Starring: Zubeen Garg, Pabitra Margherita, Gyanendra Pallab, Nabadeep Borgohain, Nishita Goswami, Mahika Sharma, Rimpi Das

Music by: Zubeen Garg

Cinematography: Suman Duwarah

Edited by: Gautam Ghosh

Distributed by: Moirangthem Movies

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