Local Kung Fu 2

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Comedy , Action

Synopsis of the film: Local Kung Fu 2 is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. In this version, Arun Mohan and Deep grew up in an orphanage in Guwahati and are a crime branch sub-inspector and a TV cameraman respectively. Their twins, Tarun Mohan and Deepu, live in Tezpur, and these two are not aware of the other two. When all four were babies, a couple came from Tezpur to adopt a pair of twins, but the assistant caretaker of the orphanage was drunk that night, and he gave one from each pair, with the result that Tarun Mohan and Deepu grew up in Tezpur. Tarun had two classmates named Tarun – Tarun Aggarwal and Tarun Gogoi – so to avoid confusion, everyone started calling him Mohan. When he grew up, he married his childhood friend Adriana. All four of them, Mohan, Adriana, Deepu and Adriana’s sister Lucy started living together at Adriana and Lucy’s ancestral home. Arun and Deep grew up in the Guwahati orphanage. Arun learnt martial arts and became a policeman. Deep learnt a little wrestling and a little Kung Fu and became a TV cameraman. Mohan and Deepu didn’t learn martial arts.

Deep’s reporter colleague Nekib was doing a story on gang leader GK’s syndicate when he was killed in a suspicious truck accident. Deep and others filed a murder case, so GK sent Bijoy and gang after him. Arun saves Deep just in the nick of time. They jump on a train and head to Tezpur, which is where all the confusion starts.

Mohan is trying to buy Angelo’s car as a birthday gift for Adriana, who is actually suspicious that Mohan might be trying to start something with his ex-girlfriend Pori. Capitalizing on those suspicions is Panchhi baba, who has an eye on her and her house, and his henchmen Biku and Bob. Also in the mix are other assorted gangs – Panchhi’s gang led by Rahul, Raj and gang, Prem gang and Sid gang.

Utkal Hazowari, Kenny DB, Sarmistha Chakravorty, Eepsita Hazarika, Bonny Deori, Tony DB, Bibhuti
Bhushan Hazarika, Yashraj Jadhav, Amar Singh Deori, Montu Deori, Bibhash Singha, Mrigendra Konwar,
Suneet Bora, Tipu Pator

MUSIC: Tony-Derrick-Utkarsh
Lyrics: Anupam Baishya (Maya Bhora Jeebon and His Name is GK), Rajdweep (Khelimeli Mon)
The soundtrack also has songs by Utkal Hazowari (Boroxa), Ambar Das (Jote Tote) and Manu and Chow
Director of Photography: Suruj Deka
Executive Producer: Durlov Baruah
Associate Director: Anupam Baishya
Fight Choreography: Everyone
Producers: B P Deori and Kenny DB
Written, Edited and Directed by Kenny Deori Basumatary



No Review

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