Rum Vodka Whisky

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Drama , Romance

Synopsis: Rum Vodka Whisky ( Ram Vodka Whisky ) (Assamese. ৰাম ভদকা হুইস্কী) The movie traces the life changing experiences of 3 drunken friends. Set in the 1960s, the first story is about Rupam's chance encounter with Anamika which changes his life in ways he did not anticipate leaving behind some unanswerable questions about loss and grief. The next story depicts the life of a businessman, Debashish Baruah, who has abused his health by drinking to such extent that his doctor recommends him to take a vacation at a mysterious ashram in Nagoan which is famous for its stream with healing powers. The final story is a clever departure from the deep-seated nature of the previous ones. Running through a filter of quirky comedy it revolves around the life of a young and ambitious boy, Bikram, who falls in love with Ankita, but destiny has something else planned for him.

Director : Prasant Saikia

Lyrics: Raj Agnihotri

Music: Tridip Basumatary

Singer: Queen Hazarika

Script: Prodyut kr deka Rajdweep, Prasant saikia

Artist: Hiranya das, Queen Hazarika, Ananta Sarania, Moon Rajiv, Durgashri Bora, Priyanka bargav, Udayan Duarah, Prakash medhi

Makeup: Dipshikha kalita, Montu

Editor: Abhijit roy, Hirak jyoti pathak

Choreography: Deepak dey

Dop: Papu deka

DI & Colorist: Ratan Sil Sarma


No Review

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