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Drama , Short Film

Liakat is about the twist in the friendship between Liakat and Hanif, brought on by Liakat's sense of loss over Hanif's well being, about which Liakat has been apparently concerned so far. In a fit of jealousy at the certainty of Hanif's well being, he seeks to shape Hanif's life in a different way, but his this attempt brings his own life to a fateful state instead, showing thus the fragility of individual's commitment to personal ethics.

The key roles in the film have been essayed by Boloram Das, Mayukh Sarma, Kamal Lochan, Purnima Saikia and Chandan Bhuyan. The cinematography of the film has been done by Suman Dowerah, background score by Ambar Das, art direction by Ronal Hussain and Dipika Deka, sound design by Amrit Pritam, D.I. Colorist is Sujit Borah, costume has been designed by Rani Dutta Baruah, makeup is by Ashitav Baruah, production designed by Mukut Saikia; the film has been edited by Twenchang. The film has been produced by cultural activist and the co-producer of critically acclaimed Assamese feature film ‘Dinabandhu’, Gopal Jalan. The film was earlier screened at ‘Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival 2016’ and ‘GCC Short Film Festival 2016’ and was officially selected for the ‘5th Indian Cine Film Festival 2017’ and ‘Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival 2017’.


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