Aai Kot Nai

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Synopsis: Aai Kot Nai ( Ai Kot Nai ) ( Eng. Ma ) (Assamese. আই কত নাই) Human civilization is the outcome of the assimilation of multiple races, religion, customs, languages, literature and culture. This process of harmonization however, is very complex and at times explosive. The North East of India, of which Assam and Nagaland are two integral provinces, is the abode of diverse linguistic and cultural population. While Assam has accepted its absorption with India as a historic fact, the Nagas are still battling for their political freedom. In the process they have also claimed a vast tract of Assam’s territory as their own which has resulted in frequent armed conflicts between the State forces, the insurgent groups and the political opportunists. These conflicts have brought down untold miseries upon the people residing in the border areas of both the States. The violence of marauding mobs and the frenzy of armed militants have ravaged the home and hearth of innocent populace, snatching away precious lives ruthlessly.
    The gist of “Ai Kot Nai (Ma)” is this senseless cruelty leashed out on innocent people in all its gruesome details and sensitivities. In this film an attempt has been made to explore the magnitude of inhuman suffering of the inhabitants of the border areas of these two States and its severity has been sought to be mitigated by discovering love and compassion in suspecting quarters. While the conflicts burned the bridge between the two communities, love blossomed in the young hearts of an Assamese boy Seemanta and a Naga girl Akali living across this man-made border. Their love was put to fire because of the conflicts between their two communities which resulted once again in the wanton destruction of human lives and home and hearth. A new born baby was thought to have lost its life when the parents Dharani & Aaity found their home burnt down by the marauding mobs. But like a ray of sunshine in the gloom of total darkness, love kindled in the heart of a weaning mother in a remote village of the other community across the border. When the news reached the other side, the broken bridge of love and compassion was rebuilt and the infant was restored to the grieving parents by the elders of the same community who were, till a little while ago, involved in the destruction of the other community.

Indra Bania, Avatosh Bhuyan, Dilip Bora, Hem Bora, Pratibha Chaudhary, Rupam Chetia, Jayanta Das, Pallabi Gogoi, Tapan Kalita, Bishnu Kharghoria, Bidyabati Phukan, Rajen Phukan, Manju Rajkonwar, Girish Talukdar

Director: Manju Borah

Cinematography: Raju Misra

Art Direction: Phatik Baruah

Story/Dialogue: Arun Goswami

Screenplay: Manju Borah

Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukapally

Editing: A. Sreekar Prasad

Sound: K. Laxminarayanan

Costume: Jiban Dawka

Makeup: Uday Mandal

Production Designer & Chief Assistant: Jiban Dawka

Other Film Festivals in which the film has Participated, with year and awards: Selected in 7th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, 2008. Selected in Kolkata Film Festival, 2008. Selected in Chennai International Film Festival, 2009. Selected in Pune International Film Festival, 2009. Selected in 2nd Woman’s Film Festival in Chennai, 2009. Selected in Habitat Film Festival, 2009. Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration for the film AAI KOT NAI (MA) in 56th National Film Awards 2008.


No Review

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