Shakira Aahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi

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Synopsis: "SHAKIRA AAHIBO BOKUL TOLOR BIHULOI" is the first production of Guernica Creatovista and directorial debut of renowned drama personality of contemporary Assamese theater Himangshu Prasad Das. The film is an honest effort in the process of socially responsible independent films in Assam. The films deals about the evil consequences of globalization and cultural imperialism. The film tries to reflect the nature of cultural dominance of the hegemonic ones over the the relatively small cultural entities. The film also shows the slave mentality of the oriental countries towards the west and the tendency to go with the flow of the market. The story is a fantasized one based upon day to day life of the native people and their misconceptions in the context of choosing the more preferable one. This story sites the rivalry between the two groups of event organizers and collecting donations and changing their own tastes for the one who is regarded as the blue- eyed icon of the market- based popular culture. The genuine tendency of people to get indulged with those activities of high rated TRP and not with the socially responsible necessary activities having no market demand. The film is an honest effort to rejuvenate and reinterpret the errors prevailing in our collective conscience.


Production Company: Guernica Creatovista

Director: Himangshu Prasad Das


No Review

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