Jangfai Jonak

(4.5/5, 2 votes)

4.5 ( 2 rating )
Drama , Thriller


 He was like a river –flowing freely

He was like the wind –swinging with the trees

He laughed and treaded life with ageless abandon.

 But suddenly his world of childhood is gone. He is made to take up the mantle of the society – the unchanging society of a thousand years, of the near and distant ones, of the literate and the illiterate ones, of the small and the big ones…

 Faith, the quintessential essence of existence has made people bow before him. He has become God

 Many think that he is leading a life of fulfillment

Many look up to him for solution of maladies

Many rush to him for instant relief.

Many revere …even worship him.

 He is now a source of inspiration, solace and even salvation

 But what is lying beneath? Anger of a million minds? Loss of ethereal beauty of life? Or both?

Is somebody aware?

The storyline-

A small boy of about ten years developed matted hair. The villagers started treating him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. They almost forcibly took him away from the family and put him in a temple. Now he is not allowed to play, mix up with his friends and live a normal life. He is now Baba (God)

The boy’s company and village sister, Joyanti faced an attempt of molestation by a rowdy, Jadab who, to take revenge, brands her a witch and drives her away from the village and is out to kill her on the day of the Baba’s birthday.

On the other hand the government has invited a company to set up a modern and big industry in the village. There is an apparent opposition to the industry in the village. To assuage feelings a minister comes to lay the foundation stone of a school building to be named after the Baba on the day of his birthday. The chairman of the company also comes to meet the Baba for a personal reason which is not known to anybody.

 The devotees and the villagers are celebrating with fun and frolic. Nobody is sensitive to the internal suffering of the boy. At an opportune moment the Baba escapes and hides near a river. The Chairman being disappointed at not being able to meet the Baba leaves. But on the way they face a horrible incident where Joyanti is murdered. Out of panic the chairman’s car speeds away and meets with an accident. The chairman flees and reaches the river bank and meets the Baba.

Story, Script and Direction: Sanjib Sabhapandit

          Producer: Utpal Kumar Das

          Cinematography: Parasher Baruah

          Music:  Aniruddha Baruah

          Editor:  Saurabh Dutta&Ratul Deka

          Cast: Jitumoni Deka, Bina Patangia, Lakhi Borthakur, Hiranya Deka, Pranjal Saikia, Indra Baniya, Anup Hazarika, Ramesh Gupta and many more



Spandan Keot  Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Loved it, very good movie

Jyoti Prakash Gogoi  Sun, 19 Aug 2018

Very good movie

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