Dikchow Banat Palaax

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In 1946, he was banished from his home district in Assam by the British for fighting against the empire. He wandered his way to the Naga Hills, then a part of Assam. In serenity and tranquillity of the hills, love bloomed and the Naga damsel gave him a few coins for his sustenance in that unknown terrain.

But as destiny would have it, they got separated in some bizarre turn of events.

Through a sojourn of jail and turmoil, he ultimately came back home. But the realities of life prevented him from going back to his beloved. Although he kept her alive in his diaries, after two brain strokes, she vanished into oblivion and he was sliding towards death.

In 2000, dramatically, stumbling upon the coins, he regained some memory .Immediately an irrepressible urge spiralled in him to return those now obsolete coins. It transpired that meaning of life rests on love...living in someone’s heart and the cherished value of love is indebtedness....Like life, is a continuous process of repaying some debt.

He becomes desperate as the flame is still burning bright in the frail-age worn-failing body.

One day, to the utter dismay of his family, he escapes into a journey to the now unfamiliar hills. His soul is now possessed to meet his soul mate.

Producers- Assam Film ( Finance & Development) Corporation Ltd & Utpal Kumar Das
Executive Producer- Utpal Kumar Das
Story , Script and Direction- Sanjib Sabhapandit
Cinematographer- Parasher Baruah
Music Director- Anurag Saikia
Editor- Saurabh Dutta
Production Manager- Santanu Mahanta
Make up artist- Chinmoy Hazarika
Sound Design & Recording- Debajit Gayan
Production and Costume arranger- Amrita Sabhapandit
Art Direction- Gautam Das
Final mixing- Anirban Borthakur
Colorist- Ganapathi Subramaniam
Assistant Cameraman- Aniruddha Barua
Assistant Editor- Kuldip Barua
Assistant Director- Dilip( Mukul) Dutta
Clap stick- Nirmal Saikia
Assistants in Sound recording- Manjit Nath,Mitu Deka, Babul Das
Radio Voice- Abhijit Goswami
Off voice- Upam Saikia, Punacha Ao, Lavshi Ao
Dubbing studio- Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio( Bijoy Nath, Dipak Dutta)
Lights/Equipments- Rajen Talukder & his team
DI/CC lab- Sharp Video, Mumbai

Performing Artists- Kulada Kumar Bhattacharjee, Lolenla Ao, Chikmik, Aquib, Mala Goswami, Chinmoy
Chakravarty,Sajan Nayak, Biren Hazarika, Hemen Das, Alex Thomas,Aren Jamir, Bidyut Bikash Sarma,
Bendung, Temzen, Meena Ingti, Tejaswini Barua, Ashim Krishna Barua, Pabitra Rajkhowa,Amitabh
Rajkhowa, Dulal Sarma, Manik Borthakur, Lachit Deka, Mahesh Ch Medhi, Padma Saikia, Tula Waling,
Pidangar Ao, Ao Nemchang and members of Dimapur Hill Theatre, Ananya Medhi, Seemaashree
Patowary, Preeti Deka.


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