Samiran Barua Ahi Ase

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Drama , Thriller


The film, which revolves around the realization of a terrorist leader, Samiran Barua, is divided into 4 chapters.

In the 1st Story “Prize”, Samiran Barua, the leader of an extremist organization, has just entered the state by crossing the border. The police and state are hard upon his trail, as it would be a prize catch. Superintendent of Police, Barman is one such desperate man…Meanwhile, Samiran roams around the city feeling completely lost…

In the 2nd Story “Nila O Nila”, the story goes into flashback during the time of college life of Samiran. There was once love in the life of Samiran in his youth. But after he left home and love forever, his beloved Nila got married to a wealthy man. She is now very happy, but the thought of Samiran still haunts her and the horror that if he returns one day...

In the 3rd Story “Encounter”, the media are doing their best to sell their papers. However, the Editor of a new local paper knows that only the name of Samiran Barua sells these days. So they are trying to exploit his name by publishing facts on him whether it is true or fabricated. The desperate Editor goes a step further by even trying to publish a fake encounter of Samiran Barua in their paper!

In the 4th Story, “Dispur”, a desperate political party is planning to bring Samiran Barua to join their party so that their party gets a new facelift and their fortune revives once again. Frustrated unemployed youths want Samiran Barua to give them AK 47 rifles so that their problems are solved. A top militant leader, who is now arrested, is also pinning his last hopes on Samiran… Each and every one of the society expect something from Samiran Barua.

But Samiran Barua is a confused man today. He is very tired from long years in jungles and unknown destinations, long absence from home and parents, confusion within his party members, failed leaderships, etc makes Samiran a defeated man today. He is yet to take a final decision on his future…  


No Review

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