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Synopsis : Abartan ( Aborton ) ( Assamese: আবর্তন ) ( Eng. On the run ) Jayanti was a farmer's daughter and her family lived in a remote village. In her student life she used to recite poems and dance and act in cultural meets. At one time, inspired by a patriotic fervour, she joined a mass movement. Later she became a 'youth leader' of a sort. But after that she fell into the clutches of some bigger leaders, and then her life was messed up. Her own assessment is that after joining the movement she began to raise donations for it, and at a later stage came to donate herself to the powerful leaders. At last, she returned home one day. She had by then become an object of scandal in her village, a shame and a burden for her own family. Unable to bear all this any longer, Jayanti left home one day to become an actress of a mobile theatre troupe. On the strength of her cultural practices acquired while young, ttle experiences of life she gathered later and own talents, Jayanti became a famous ,tress of the mobile theatre. Her physical 1,eauty and acting talents became valuable assets for the theatre company. Jayanti passed twelve long years of her life in this company. During this period a variety of suitors tried to approach her. In the end, there came Nihar the actor who was a married man and had also a daughter. Jayanti -had no control over her mind and body. She accepted Nihar's attachment as a kind of gratifying bonus. On the other hand, the proprietor and proprietress of the troupe treated Jayanti with consideration as though she was a precious commodity. Meanwhile every member of Jayanti's home in the village had become completely dependent on Jayanti's earnings. gearing all expenses, Jayanti married off one sister; the youngest sister was planning to marry her long time lover on Janyanti's money; and her younger brother was thinking that with. her asistance he would go to Delhi to study journalism. Jayanti's father also left off farming to live a life of ease and content on Jayanti's eranings. 

At this juncture Jayanti met Parimal Dutta, an Engineer. Jayanti revealed to him all the chapters of her soiled life. Parimal himself had once led a wild life and listening to Jayanti's confessions, he gradually realized how dirty he himself had been. He also felt an ineffable joy in acknowledging the fact. One day, Parimal realized that he was tired and lonely and that he had been deserted by his kith and kin. He wanted rest, he wanted shelter, and he could get both with Jayanti. He proposed marriage to her. At first Jayanti felt the proposal to be a fantastic and unbe­lievable one, but gradually came to realize that she too was tired and needed rest. She also felt that this man was different from all the other men who had come to her. In reality, however, Jayanti was a prisoner. The contract that she had signed with the theatre company would not let her go; Nihar's lust could not free her; and for her family in the village it was unthinkable that she could ever leave the theatre. Jayanti then experienced a struggle within her : a struggle to free herself from the hands that held her captive on all sides, a struggle for coming near the real woman lying within her. She was helped in this struggle by Toru, the actress whom the cruel life of the stage had aged prematurely, and by Parimal himself. And one day, Jayanti and Parimal decided that the way to end this struggle was for them to set up a household first and get married later. The obstacles in the way of such a life finally became surmountable and disappeared. And one day Jayanti set out on a new journey.

Cast: Mridula Barua, Tapan Das, Juri Sarma, Jayanta Das, Dr. Hemen Barman, Laxmi Barthakur, Tirtha Barua, Pratiblia Chaudhury, Chetana Das, Mitali Baishya, Silpisikha Barua, Mintoo Barua, Champak Sarma, Pradip Bora, Jibeswar Deka, Kishore Sarnia, Babul Khataniar, Utsav Kalita, Laxmi Das, Hemanta Chaudhury, Raben Roy, Binoo Kalita, Binita Das and all other actors and actresses of the Awahan Theatre.

Director:  Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Producer:  Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Writer :   Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Screenplay :  Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Music : Dilip Roy, Narayan Boruah, Debeswar Sharma

Cinematographer :  Kamal Nayak

Audiography : Durga Das Mitra, Hirendra Prasad Bhattacharya

Editing : Nikunja Bhattacharjee

Awards/Nominations/Screening : Rajat Kamal Award- National Film Award


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